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    Woman Alone Texting

    Know any hot girls? Ever seen one and wanted to talk to her? Of course you have. Hot girls are EVERYWHERE.

    But there’s a problem…

    A lot of times when you see a hot girl in a good position to approach (in other words, she’s alone), she’ll be laser focused and locked into her cellphone. Texting friends. Shopping on Zulily. Posting pics to Facebook. Doing whatever it is hot girls do on their cell phones while completely ignoring you and the world around them.

    So what do most guys do when they see a girl like this? They panic and they don’t approach. They get nervous because she looks busy, closed off, and they don’t want to “bother” her.

    But not you. That won’t happen to you. You’ll be the one guy who approaches. The guy who gets the girl because I’m about to give you a killer line that works on any woman who seems too busy posting selfies on Instagram to give you the time of day, let alone listen to you as you try to seduce her.

    Use this line and she’ll stop what she’s doing. Her phone will go away and you’ll have her undivided attention.

    It’s super simple. In fact, just 3 words.

    It’s one of many super effective tips and tricks I picked up from the Girlfriend Activation System (read a great review at newspapercat.org).

    Are you ready? Here it is…

    “Exciting, isn’t it?”

    I told you it was easy. It’s not earth shattering by any means, but it works extremely well. Why? Because if a woman is out in public and completely fixated on her phone, it’s because she’s bored. Look closely and you’ll see the boredom in her body language.

    At that single moment in time, Facebook, Instagram, email, or whatever is more exciting (even though she’s already scrolled through it dozens of times) than waiting patiently for her Starbucks to finish.

    And when you use that line, you’re basically calling her out on it. Don’t be surprised if she blushes and shyly drops her phone into the deepest recesses of her purse as she gives you a look of, “Uh oh, you caught me.”

    But I do have to warn you…

    You can’t just say this one line and expect her to immediately hand you a napkin with her name and number on it. In fact, it won’t work if you don’t approach with the right elements of masculinity.

    You see there are 6 core traits women look for in a man. The Girlfriend Activation System calls these the 6 Elements of Masculine Power and spends 2 video modules discussing them. They’re THAT IMPORTANT!

    If you want to get women obsessed and totally fixated on you, I highly recommend you learn them.

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